Why can't we just take the tooth out?

Taking a tooth out , or extracting a tooth, is a short term solution.  While having a tooth extracted may be less expensive than the other options proposed, it may not be the least expensive in the long run.
If a tooth is very symptomatic, removing the tooth will relieve the pain.  This is similar to cutting off your toe because an ingrown toenail is hurting.  Tooth and sometimes jaw alignment problems are the long term costs.  The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth will shift, sometimes significantly, towards the new space.  Even removing a single tooth will change how your teeth bite together. 

              Teeth Before Removal                           Teeth After Removal

The percentage of cracks, trapped food, and gum disease are all increased due to shifting or angled teeth.  The cost to repair these problems will be more expensive and more extensive than treating the initial single tooth before extraction.   It is usually a better long term option to try and save the tooth or replace the tooth artificially as soon as possible.  Don't hesitate to call Dr. Beasley to find which options are best for your dental health.

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